Accessory Set 3-Piece Black

R 3,500

Set includes:

Getaway Travel Case Set 

A 2-in-1 classic beauty case reimagined for the modern traveller that combines beautiful Scandinavian design with a premium feel and exceptional durability. The set consists of two parts: an exclusive, solid outer case and a see-through inner case that doubles as an internationally-approved air travel liquids container.

Conscious Materials:

Outer shell: high-quality vegan leather
Inner lining: canvas and clear TPU.


Vegan leather case: L: 208 / W: 110 / H:120mm
Inner case:  L: 189 / W: 89 / H: 72mm
Cotton bag: W: 315 / L: 295mm

Hideaway Mirror 

A sleek mirror that comes in an elegant vegan leather case doubling as a stand. Ideal for on-the-go touch-ups. Fits perfectly into any purse, handbag, or NUORI travel case sets. High-quality glass with no distortion guarantees all details are in place. Vegan leather case protects mirror and doubles as a stand for tabletop use.

Conscious Materials:

Cover: high-quality vegan leather
Mirror: glass


L: 113 / W: 62 / H: 11mm

Dressing Comb

A sleek handmade comb for everyday usage that combines beautiful Scandinavian design with exceptional durability. Add ease and beauty to your daily grooming and travel routines. 

Each comb tooth has been hand-polished to ensure a smooth and comfortable action that glides effortlessly through the hair without snagging or scratching the hair or scalp. 

Conscious Materials:

Comb: cellulose acetate (made of FSC/PEFC certified wood pulp)
Sheath: high-quality vegan leather


Comb:  L: 150 / W: 65 / H: 4mm
Vegan leather pouch:  L: 165 / W: 79 / H: 5mm
Box: L: 170 / W: 82 / H: 13mm

*skincare sold separately

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