Wild Beauty


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The world of natural beauty has given rise to even more descriptors that serve to further segment various aspects of this trend. There are two labels in particular that are used to differentiate natural beauty and skincare based on production process, and ingredient sourcing and quality. These labels are ‘organic’ and ‘wild harvested’ or ‘wildcrafted’.   

Some beauty brands are taking natural beauty and skincare one step further by ensuring that the ingredients used in their formulations are organic. Organic beauty makes reference to products that are formulated using natural ingredients that are farmed and grown without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), herbicides, synthetic fertilisers, etc. This ensures even more purity in natural formulations.

Unlike the term ‘natural’, organic is somewhat more regulated. There are some official certifications applied to beauty products based on their country of origin. However beauty consumers are warned that a product may be marketed as organic although this certification may only apply to a single organic ingredient used in the formulation.

On the other hand, there are many natural beauty brands that work closely with rural farmers in particular regions whose farming methods are inherently organic, but they don’t have the funds to acquire organic certification. Fortunately for beauty consumers, many conscious beauty brands are transparent about their supply chains and forthcoming as to how they source and cultivate the ingredients for their formulations.

For example, skincare brand Chatelier offers extensive transparency when it comes to the ingredients in their formulations. More than 90% of the ingredients they use in their skincare come from organic farms that support healthy ecosystems. These organic ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals give Chatelier products their potent antioxidant levels.

Both organic beauty and wildcrafted beauty are centred on working closely with nature to cultivate high-quality ingredients sustainably. Wildcrafted differs in that the natural ingredients are not farmed, but are rather harvested from the natural environments in which they already grow and thrive, as nature intended.

Wild harvested ingredients harbour the potential to deliver even more potency because, unlike farming, the natural environments are left largely untouched. Without farmers to cultivate and nurture them, wild botanicals are inherently more resilient to the elements, and the soil in these natural regions are more mineral and nutrient dense. Subsequently wild harvested ingredients contain higher antioxidant levels, making the beauty formulations that contain these ingredients even more effective.

Wild harvesting is earth-friendly, ethical and sustainable, provided that beauty brands remain mindful of their practises. In line with nature’s cycle, these ingredients are often seasonal. Therefore wild beauty best lends itself to sustainable, slow-scale production that moves at nature’s pace, as opposed to fast-paced, mass-produced beauty.

Manasi 7 is a brand that exemplifies slow-scale production in unison with nature. The brand offers beauty products that are organic and wild harvested, made from ingredients that are grown ethically, sustainably and in harmony with the environment. When it comes to their production, they abide by the Declaration of Seven which details the brand’s commitment to sustainable, earth-friendly practises whilst simultaneously ensuring high-quality, premium beauty products.

The notion of slow has now extended beyond production cycles to include a conscious approach to personal beauty rituals that has given rise to slow beauty. In addition to sustainable, slow-scale production, slow beauty is about adopting a mindful and minimalist skincare ritual that encompasses a few exceptional beauty products. It also reminds us to practise self-care by treating your skincare ritual as an opportunity to prioritise and take time out for yourself by moving through your ritual at your own pace. Slow beauty threads together self-care and sustainability, remaining conscious of both the needs of the individual and the collective. This is beauty that encourages us to be kinder to ourselves and the planet.

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